Welcome to the Dixie Coaching Education Center

Welcome to the Dixie Coaching Education Center, the place to be for becoming a certified coach with Dixie Boys and Majors Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball, and Dixie Softball!

This Web site makes it easy for you to gain your certification quickly through the convenience of online learning. Step into the batter’s box and order your baseball or softball online course today!

The Dixie Coaching Education Program is developed and delivered by the American Sport Education Program. For more than 25 years, local, state, and national sport organizations have partnered with ASEP to lead the way in making sport a safe, successful, and enjoyable experience for all involved.


J. Sandy Jones

"We have reviewed the coaches? online course, and with the resources that ASEP brings to the field, we are pleased to partner with ASEP in this worthwhile endeavor. The Dixie-branded online coaching course offers quality, convenience, and affordability. The youth sport experience should be a safe and enjoyable experience for all involved. We as an organization recognize the value that this additional training provides for our volunteer coaches and ultimately the participants. Dixie Boys Baseball, Inc., strongly supports the American Sport Education Program and encourages our local league administrators and coaches to participate as part of the Dixie program."

J. Sandy Jones, Commissioner
Dixie Boys Baseball, Inc.

Wes Skelton"Dixie Youth Baseball, Inc., has partnered with ASEP to provide an exceptional education program for volunteer youth coaches who participate in Dixie Baseball programs throughout the United States. Both new and veteran baseball coaches will benefit from the materials used in the ASEP baseball education courses. All youth coaches should be prepared to fulfill their responsibilities not only to develop the playing skills of their players but also to cultivate the strong character and sense of responsibility demonstrated by successful baseball teams. We are excited about the opportunity to make a coaching education course with high standards available to all youth baseball coaches in our Dixie programs."

Wes Skelton, Commissioner
Dixie Youth Baseball, Inc.

Obie Evans"Dixie Softball is excited to partner with ASEP to bring online training to our coaches through the Dixie Coaching Education Program. A coach's impact cannot be underestimated, and having trained coaches will help ensure a good sport experience for our young athletes and motivate players and coaches to participate year after year."

Obie Evans, President
Dixie Softball, Inc.